Year: 2020

Chopak v Patrick 2020 ONSC 5431
This ONSC decision addresses meanings, fair comment, malice, and damages on the internet in helpful ways.

Bent v Platnick 2020 SCC 23
In a 5-4 decision, the majority of the SCC ruled that the defamation lawsuit should be allowed to continue.

1704604 Ontario Ltd v Pointes Protection Association 2020 SCC 22
The SCC ruled that the public interest in the environmental group’s right to speak out far outweighed any harm to a developer.

R v Evans 2020 OCJ
The Ontario Court of Justice lifted a s. 486.4 publication ban.

Eastern Infrastructure Inc. (re), 2020 NSSC 220
In this bankruptcy motion decision, from the NSSC, the Registrar rejected authority to the effect that non-parties should be excluded, in part based on the development of the open court principle, since the prior case had been decided.