Year: 2020

R v Wright 2020 ONSC 7049
At issue here was the interplay between s. 645(5) and s. 648(1) of the CCC in respect of publication bans of pre-trial proceedings in jury trials.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Attorney General) v L.A. 2020 NSCA 75
A criminal ban does not preclude a common law ban, but must be considered as part of the Dagenais/Mentuck matrix.

British Columbia (Attorney General) v BridgeMark Financial Corp 2020 BCSC 1704
BC court refused a request to seal documents in a civil proceeding relating to a securities dispute, finding insufficient evidence of harm to a public interest.

R v Verrilli 2020 NSCA 64
A NSCA case that confirms the Dagenais/Mentuck principles and the Crown burden to justify continuation of a sealing order for a warrant, (distinguishing the wiretap sections).

CBC/Radio Canada v Arsenault 2020 QSC 500-36-009608-202
This decision concerns the protection of confidential sources and of journalistic material.