Under s. 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights everyone has freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.

We advocate to protect this fundamental right

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Turner v Death Investigation Council et al 2021 ONSC 6625
Autopsy files shall not be sealed and information regarding witness identities in the DIOC’s proceedings shall not be redacted.

CBC v Chief of Police 2021 ONSC 6935
Divisional Court found that the granting of a publication ban without applying the correct test was wrong.

Canadian Broadcasting Corp v Manitoba 2021 SCC 33
The SCC rules that courts are able to revisit publication bans/sealing orders after the fact.

2021 Quebec Superior Court File 500-11-059267-209
The Quebec Superior Court terminates a sealing order on an exhibit filed in a civil proceeding seeking approval of...

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Appeal dismissed. ONCA confirms deference is due to motion judges, especially when balancing competing interests of P and D. The fact that Blair was separately suing for wrongful dismissal played a big role here, as it did in the court below. #cdnlaw
https://www.ontariocourts.ca/decisions/2021/2021ONCA0841.htm https://twitter.com/jay_saf/status/1463606223744417796

Remember when the SCJ recognized the tort of ‘publicity placing a person in a false light’ in 2019? Well a stellar panel of @angelawya, @jay_saf and @AlexiWood, hosted by Amanda Branch, will be discussing updates since then at lunch on Dec 8! Register: https://www.cbapd.org/details_en.aspx?id=ON_ON21PRI10X

Also glad to hear that the judge has ordered the release of Michael Toledano, but regret that he has to comply with the same injunction as Bracken, said CPJ's @kajtweets

Arresting journalists covering police action against protestors has serious free expression implications. This is precisely the type of situation where we need the media to be able to do their jobs & provide an account of what transpired, without fear of arrest. #cdnlaw #cdnpoli https://twitter.com/TorontoStar/status/1462790038832439300

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