Under s. 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights everyone has freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.

We advocate to protect this fundamental right

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Rowat v the Crown, the CBC et al 2021 ONSC 2215
In this decision the ONSC dismissed the accused’s application for an order banning the publication of his name because...

Racki v Racki 2021 NSSC 46
This NSSC decision confirms the existence of the tort of public disclosure of private facts in Nova Scotia.

Levant v Demelle 2021 ONSC 1074
The ONSC dismissed this defamation action, finding that the plaintiff had not led any specific evidence that any specific...

Rebel News v. Al Jazeera Media 2021 ONSC 1035
Al Jazeera succeeds in its anti-SLAPP motion against Rebel News.

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Video of inside the press offices of the Associated Press and AlJazeera before the Gaza building was levelled to the ground. Journalists trying to grab precious and valuable equipment in short period.

Minister @s_guilbeault's latest tactic to dismiss critics of #C10 is to paint us as crazy supporters of "this concept of Net Neutrality."

As the man trying to regulate the entire Internet, Minister Guilbeault's lack of understanding of how the Internet works is truly astounding.

We have not yet seen the end of this saga. FB has 6 months to decide how it will justify or revisit the penalty. If it seeks to impose a permanent ban, the issue will almost certainly end up back at the Oversight Board for another round of reviews. 5/5

Facebook ruling on Donald Trump ban: five key takeaways https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/may/05/facebook-donald-trump-ban-five-key-takeaways?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

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