Ayangma v Saltwire 2018 PESC 48
In this ruling, from the PESC, the defendants were granted summary judgment, on the grounds that the plaintiff's claim was outside the limitation period.

Magyar Jeti Zrt v Hungary 2018 ECHR
In this ruling on a hyperlinks issue, the ECHR relies heavily on the Crookes decision.

R v Vice Media Canada Inc 2018 SCC 53
The SCC unanimously upheld an order for a journalist to give police copies of conversations with a person who said he belonged to a terrorist group.

Pan v Gao 2018 BCSC 2137
The Court awarded nominal damages of $1 to an otherwise successful plaintiff businessman whose credibility, candour, and document production were found to be inadequate.

Wilson v Canwest Publishing Inc – Publications Canwest Inc 2018 BCCA 441
The BCCA overturned the lower court judgment in this defamation case and held that responsible communication prevailed.