Recent Cases

R v. Bacon 2020 BCCA 140
The BCCA finds that a court should not hide the fact a hearing is proceeding.

Bullard v. Rogers Media Inc. 2020 ONSC 3084
The ONSC dismissed this defamation action under s. 137.1 of the Courts of Justice Act.

Albo v The Winnipeg Free Press et al 2020 MBCA 50
The MBCA upheld the lower court decision and found no breach of copyright or contract.

Sikhs for Justice v. The Republic of India 2020 ONSC 2628
In this ONSC judgment the presumptive connecting factors for jurisdiction, as set out in “Haaretz,” were rebutted.

Wiseau Studio LLC et al v Harper et al 2020 ONSC 2504
The defendant successfully argued that documentary films qualify as criticism, review and news reporting under the Copyright Act’s allowable fair dealing purposes in this ONSC decision.

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