Recent Cases

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada v Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2022 BCSC 2030
The plaintiffs, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC), and its Chief Executive Officer, Keith Henry, brought a defamation action against the CBC and one of its reporters, Jorge Barrera.  The CBC’s investigative report concerned ITAC’s ...

HMK v Ultra Electronics 2022 QCCS 500-36-010389-222
The Remediation Agreement régime under Part XXII.1 of the Criminal Code (s. 715.3 to 715.43) was adopted in 2018 and perhaps for the first time,  a court,  in this case the Quebec Superior Court, has ...

Fairgrieve v. British Columbia Review Board 2022 BCSC 1882
Mr. Fairgrieve sought prerogative relief in connection with a decision of the British Columbia Review Board. The decision in question pertained to the Review Board’s authority to make redactions to its reasons for disposition under the Criminal Code.

S.B. v D.H. 2022 SKKB 216
The Saskatchewan Court of King’s Bench rendered a decision on a case involving the non-consensual distribution of intimate videos and images.

BMD et al v HMTQ 2022 ONCA
A recent decision of the ONCA, applying Sherman to uphold rejecting a ban on the name of a convicted accused physician.

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