Year: 2018

R v Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2018 ABCA 391
The Crown appealed the acquittal of the CBC of criminal contempt for violating a publication ban issued under section 486.4(2.2) of the Criminal Code, RSC 1985, c C-46. On an application for a section 486.4 ...

R v Vader 2018 ABCA 389
The ABCA holds that it is an error of law not to give notice to the media of an application to restrict access or publication, and it is the application judge’s responsibility to ensure that notice to the media is given.

R v MGM 2018 ABPC 256
In this ABPC decision, the judge denied a youth’s request to exclude the public on a s. 517 bail hearing.

Doe v Baker 2018 ONSC 6240
The ONSC dismissed an application from a police officer for an anonymity order or publication ban at a Coroner's inquest into the death of a man.

1704604 Ontario Ltd v Pointes Protection Association 2018 ONCA 685
The ONCA sets out a detailed analysis of s. 137.1 of the CJA, Ontario's Anti-SLAPP legislation, overturning the lower court's decision and dismissing the action against Pointes Protection Association.