Racki v Racki 2021 NSSC 46
This NSSC decision confirms the existence of the tort of public disclosure of private facts in Nova Scotia.

Levant v Demelle 2021 ONSC 1074
The ONSC dismissed this defamation action, finding that the plaintiff had not led any specific evidence that any specific harm had been suffered.

Rebel News v. Al Jazeera Media 2021 ONSC 1035
Al Jazeera succeeds in its anti-SLAPP motion against Rebel News.

Giustra v Twitter Inc 2021 BCSC 54
BCSC decision on jurisdiction in defamation case where movie mogul's lawsuit against Twitter is allowed to proceed in BC.

Andrik-Oland v Oland 2021 NBQB 005
This decision, from the NBQB, contains some very helpful language respecting the application of Mentuck and the open court principle.