Year: 2017

Google Inc v Equustek Solutions Inc 2017 SCC 34
The SCC has upheld an order of the BCCA and BCSC for Google to remove the websites of a technology company from its search engine results worldwide.

R v Clow 2017 PESC 9
Justice Key, of the PESC, dismissed a publication ban application by the Crown in respect to getting a copy of an accused' interview with the police for publication.

Taseko Mines Limited v Western Canada Wilderness Committee 2017 BCCA
While the BC Court of Appeal has not yet ruled, its decision to webcast the appeal was a positive development.

Brissette v Cactus Club Cabaret Ltd. 2017 BCCA 200
The BCCA held that it was appropriate on a summary trial to decide the issue of qualified privilege.

R v The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2017 ABQB 329
An important decision from the ABQB, dealing with "unpublishing" after a Criminal Code ban has been imposed, under ss 486.4.