Court and Tribunal Openness

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v. Canada (Border Services Agency), 2021 NSPC 48
The NSPC finds that the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights can apply to unsealing applications.

Court and Tribunal Openness

United States v Meng 2021 BCSC 1253
Ms. Meng unsuccessfully applied for an order banning the publication of documents she received from HSBC and had filed with the Court as part of her extradition hearing.

Court and Tribunal Openness

Sherman Estate v Donovan 2021 SCC 25
The Toronto Star successfully challenged the sealing orders on the probate files of the Sherman estate.

Other Cases

Racki v Racki 2021 NSSC 46
This NSSC decision confirms the existence of the tort of public disclosure of private facts in Nova Scotia.


Wiseau Studio LLC et al v Harper et al 2020 ONSC 2504
The defendant successfully argued that documentary films qualify as criticism, review and news reporting under the Copyright Act’s allowable fair dealing purposes in this ONSC decision.