Access to Information

2023 FCA 166
This decision deals with the issue of whether the open court principle and s. 2(b) of the Charter applies to federal tribunals. In particular, it addresses whether CBC should have access to audio recordings from ...


Canadian Taxpayers Federation v Alberta (Election Commissioner), 2023 ABKB 161
This case involves the applicants, CTF and John Doe’s application for a publication ban and sealing order over John Doe’s identity and an order permitting John Doe to give evidence in camera in the context ...


S.B. v D.H. 2022 SKKB 216
The Saskatchewan Court of King’s Bench rendered a decision on a case involving the non-consensual distribution of intimate videos and images.

Other Cases

2022 FC 1115
Paras 20-22 of this decision, from the Federal Court, confirm that the test to “remove” documents from a court file is the SCC decision in Sherman. “[20] As noted by the CBC, removal of the ...

Court and Tribunal Openness

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v. Canada (Border Services Agency), 2021 NSPC 48
The NSPC finds that the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights can apply to unsealing applications.