Virtual sessions

Virtual sessions:

June 3, 2022 – Regulation of On-line Speech


April 8, 2022 Cross Country Checkup

Case Summary Chart 2022(123453.12)1[2][1]

November 5, 2021 Virtual session re SCC Sherman Estate case:

The video starts about one minute into the opening speaker (Iris Fischer)


CBC v Chief of Police 2021 ONSC 6935

Turner v. DIOC et al 2021 ONSC 6625

November 6, 2020 Virtual session re Cross Country Checkup:

Cross Country Check Up

Additional Cases – Case Summary Chart 2020 by Jurisdiction

Additional Cases – Case Summary Chart 2020 by Topic


May 29, 2020 Virtual Session re Court Access in the time of COVID

BC materials:

Access to BC’s Courts During COVID-19

Prairie region materials:

Prairie Region-2

Ontario materials:

Access to Ontario’s Courts During COVID-19-1

Quebec materials:


Atlantic region materials:

Accessing the Courts during COVID19 – Atlantic Provinces