Daniel Henry

As of August 1, 2012, Daniel Henry practices media law as a sole practitioner, focussing on contracting and pre-publication advice aimed at empowering clients to express themselves as they wish, within the constraints of the law and their comfort level. Areas of law include defamation, publication bans, copyright, and advertising, in all forms of media (print, broadcast, and digital).

Immediately prior to that, he retired from his position as Senior Legal Counsel of CBC, having been employed in CBC's Law Department since 1978. In that role, he regularly advised radio, television, and online journalists, both regional and national, in Canada. National programs which he advised included As It Happens, the Current, World Report, the fifth estate, The National, The Hour, and The Royal Canadian Air Farce. He has reviewed thousands of stories before publication, directed the defence of stories that have been legally challenged, including the defence of journalists wishing to protect their work product and confidential sources, appeared in a number of courts and tribunals in favour of greater public access to their proceedings, reviewed and revised CBC’s journalistic standards and practices from a legal perspective, and conducted seminars across the country.

He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs in Canada on media law issues, as well as on CNN’s Larry King Live.

He now teaches a course in Media Law and Ethics at McMaster University and Sheridan College, and has been a guest speaker at many Canadian universities, in their journalism and law faculties.

He is Past President of Ad IDEM, also known as the Canadian Media Lawyers Association. He is a past Chair of the Media and Communications Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association. He has an LL.B. and B. Com. from the University of Toronto.

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